Shammah Gas supplies Hydrogen, a crucial gas to many industries for a range of applications.


Acetylene (acetylene gas) fuel gas for welding and cutting.

Hydrogen (also called hydrogen gas) is used in industry as a reducing gas, e.g. in furnace soldering, and fuel gas as well as in research and analysis as a carrier gas and instrument gas.



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Why use Hydrogen gas?

Shammah Gas manufactures pure Hydrogen for different applications.

Hydrogen gas is a versatile and eco-friendly energy carrier that has gained popularity for various applications. Here’s why you should consider using hydrogen gas:

Reducing Carbon Footprint: By using hydrogen, you contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, as its combustion or use in fuel cells produces energy without the release of greenhouse gases, helping combat climate change.
Clean Energy Source: Hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel that produces only water vapor and heat when used, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.
Renewable Energy Storage: Hydrogen serves as an excellent storage medium for renewable energy, allowing excess energy from sources like wind or solar power to be stored and used when needed, addressing intermittent energy production.
Versatile Applications: Hydrogen gas can be utilized in a wide range of applications, including fuel cells for electric vehicles, industrial processes, and power generation, showcasing its adaptability and potential to revolutionize various sectors.
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Who uses Hydrogen?

01Hydrogen, for refining

Hydrogen is used for the desulphurization of fuels, which prevents the formation of sulfur dioxide as the fuel is burned. Shammah Gas understands the needs of today’s refineries and provides economical solutions for industrial gas and utility requirements.


Hydrogen is employed in the electronics industry for the production of semiconductors and other high-tech materials, where it plays a role in various manufacturing processes.

03Energy Production

Hydrogen is gaining traction as a means of storing and delivering renewable energy. It can be used in fuel cells to generate electricity, providing a reliable energy source when integrated with renewable energy systems like wind and solar power.


Hydrogen is employed as a clean fuel for fuel cell vehicles, including cars, buses, and trucks. Leading automotive manufacturers are increasingly investing in hydrogen fuel cell technology as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.
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