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Shammah Gas provides solutions for the challenges dentists face every day. As your healthcare partner, we’re here to provide you with the experience, expertise, products and services you need.

The use of medical gases is integral to modern dentistry practice. Shammah Gas has over 10 years’ of experience helping dentists achieve the best results for their patients.

We like to support you as a trusted partner. We are experts in our field, and can provide all the advice and tools you need to address your daily challenges. Our solutions are easy to use so you can retain your focus where it really matters – on your patients.


We bring a complete range of solutions for doctors and medical practices, from advice, equipment, medical gases supply to training.

The use of medical gases is a critical part of modern medicine and the delivery of excellent patient care. Shammah Gas has over 10 years of experience helping doctors achieve the best outcomes for their patients. Simply put, we understand your needs, whether you have a small practice or a large one.

In such a complex field, it is ideal to have the support of a trusted partner. We are experts – all our equipment and solutions meet regulatory standards for general practices. So when we provide the advice and tools you need for your practice, you can be sure that we are acting with your best interests at heart.


Whatever the laboratory requirements, we have a complete range of solutions, from gas to equipment and staff training.

For labs, accuracy and reliability are fundamental to achieving precise results, whether it’s for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), research or disease diagnosis.

Shammah Gas has been a trusted partner to laboratories for over 10 years, delivering reliable service and consistent products.

We provide a complete solution for laboratories, including setup, equipment, specialty gases, equipment servicing and training.


Acting as a partner, Shammah Gas has solutions for the challenges veterinarians face every day.

Running a veterinary practice is challenging and complex, and we understand that your priority is maintaining the highest level of veterinary service and care.

Shammah Gas has over 10 years of experience helping vets achieve the best results for their patients and their families.

We can provide you with expert advice about the products and services you require, including staff training in the confident use of equipment. We’re here to give you ongoing support as well as service of your equipment to make sure it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

Elderly care

Shammah Gas can provide elderly care facilities with everything they need: medical oxygen, equipment, and staff training.

We understand that your top priority in elderly care is to provide a high level of care to patients. Managing the services within your facility is complex and challenging. That’s why we’ve developed products and solutions to make this job easier for you.

We have a range of tailored equipment and provide expert advice about what’s right for you.

We can train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance and support so the equipment is ready to use when you need it most, and you can focus on the most important people – your patients.

Emergency services

Shammah Gas helps emergency services respond faster by providing everything they need: medical gases, equipment, training, and more.

The use of medical gases and associated equipment is a vital part of modern emergency care. Shammah Gas has over 10 years of experience helping emergency services achieve life-saving results for their critical and acute patients.

This means we understand your need to provide top-level care and response in an emergency, whether your responsibilities are at a single site or community event – or you’re running an emergency department.

In a constantly changing and evolving field, it makes sense to have the support of a trusted partner. We provide a range of tailored solutions to suit your needs, from expert advice to training and equipment.

Our solutions are easy to use so you can focus on what really matters – your patients.

Our various gases

From medicinal to device gases and other non-status medical gases, Shammah Gas meets all your needs.

Medical gases

Medical gases are medication, and are subject to the market authorization procedures issued by the healthcare authorities.

They are also subject to specific pharmaceutical traceability and are delivered under specific transport conditions, by personnel trained in handling such products. Our commitment to compliance with the strictest safety and quality standards is reflected in our products and services.

All our licensed products are manufactured in line with the International Pharmacopoeia specifications. Our supply of medical gases in cylinders is fully compliant with the relevant sections of the National Medical Equipment Policy.

We supply all the principal medical gases used in hospitals. All these gases are classified as Medicinal Products (as described by the National Drug Authority) and are classed as drugs;

Medical Oxygen

Sustains life and is used in emergency, operating and resuscitation rooms and to provide respiratory assistance

Medical Carbon Dioxide

Is used in operating theatres for insufflation, in dermatology, blood analyses and can be used with Medical Air or other mixtures to test respiratory functions and as dry ice for sample transport

Medical Helium

Is used for medical imaging and when mixed with Oxygen assists with severe respiratory obstruction, used as a carrier gas in analytical applications and in hyperbaric decompression chambers

Medical Air

Is used to provide respiratory assistance, drive suction venturis and for cleaning surgical tools

Medical Nitrous Oxide

Is primarily used as an inhalant anaesthetic and analgesic agent in combination with Oxygen or anaesthetic agents

Equanox (50% Nitrous Oxide / 50% Oxygen)

Also known as gas and air, is mainly used as short term pain relief.

Special gases

Specialty gases are high-quality products, enhancing our customer’s application performance & efficiency.

Our Specialty Gases and Equipment product offers span a number of applications used in: Laboratories & Analysis, Universities, through to Research & Development.

Shammah Gas offers a wide range of products designed for your analysis and an expertise to deliver on-demand mixtures.

Devices and Accessories

We offer a range of Medical Gas Devices and Accessories to suit all your Medical Gas cylinders, including Regulators, Flowmeters and Piped Manifold systems.

To discuss your Medical Gas Devices and Accessories requirements please contact our Customer Services department.

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